About USA Medical: From The Company

Expertly Combining Science & Nature

According to their website, USA Medical was founded on the idea that helping people will always be the core mission, no matter the cost. They have made transparency, honesty, and integrity a core part of their mission statement, in order to ensure you have full visibility into everything, from cultivation, growth, processing, shipment, and delivery.

USA Medical: Our Review

A Superior Brand For An Affordable Price

USA Medical is unlike many of the brands currently available in the United States, offering lab-certified products (with lab test results posted on their website for verification) at a significant price discount from the other major players. They stress the importance of lab certification on their website and point out the fact that over 70% of the most popular brands don’t offer public lab test results for potential buyers to verify the purity and potency.

USA Medical is a privately held company with no investors associated with the brand, meaning they are likely a family-run company, which, in our opinion, means their mission statement of “transparency, honesty, and integrity” shows how much they actually care to provide the highest quality products to their customers.

Quality, Purity, Potency

USA Medical made our review simple by providing us with the original COA (certificate of analysis) reports as well as posting those reports to their website for you to view. According to these reports, each USA Medical oil product is 100% pure, free from heavy metals.

The quality of the product is determined based upon the purity and potency and, according to the COA’s, the potency of the oil is exactly what USA Medical claims (and in most cases, slightly more potent than is claimed). For example, the 250mg oil from USA Medical actually has 267mg of cannabinoids per package, making it 17mg more potent than is claimed on the bottle. While not enough to be noticeable, this shows that USA Medical strives to offer the best, not simply the status quo.

Overall, we believe the quality of USA Medical oil to be one of the highest standards currently in the industry.


The taste of USA Medical is subtle and gentle, with no harsh flavors or unpleasantness. According to their packaging, the oil is flavored with all-natural orange oil and grape seed oil, maintaining the organic, GMO-free, and vegan nature of the oil. While the flavor of orange is muted, it’s a soft, pleasant flavor to keep your tastebuds happy!

Overall Quality Score: 9.2/10

The BBN score of 9.2 reflects our belief that USA Medical is one of the best companies available on the market today. While USA Medical has some room for improvement in offering more products, subscriptions, and additional discounts, they are currently one of the most affordable brands with a better product than the majority of the major players in the space. We put the BBN stamp of approval on USA Medical as a 9+ quality score and recommend you try USA Medical.

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